Lacking motivation...

I have to admit, my training hasn't been great lately.

Granted, it's not terrible (50-60 miles a week, plus ~3-4 hours skiing)... most people would probably be pretty pumped to be logging those kinds of miles.

I'm just a little unmotivated, I guess... trying to find other things to "busy" myself with so I can have an excuse not to get outside. Before this blog post, I was taking care of a few tax things. Fun :). I go through these phases every once in a while, bla. I think it's because I'm far enough away from my race that I'm not motivated by it. When I went to visit a friend over Xmas break and joked about just running the 7 blocks over to see her & back, she looked at me and quizzically said, "your marathon isn't for another 5 or so months, right?". I guess she's right... maybe I don't need to be doing as much as my "plan" laid out for me. Maybe I don't need to try to be so structured with it. But something in the back of my head says, "you DO really need it". I think that voice is right... a 2:52 in May won't come easily...

So today I had 13 miles on my plan. Hmmmm :)


How much time running vs. skiing?

My constant dilemma :). I'm trying to keep my miles fairly high during these winter months. I know if I don't, my legs will get weak & I won't be able to ramp up my mileage as quickly in the spring. So, my mileage will vary from 50-85 over the winter, with the bulk of the weeks around 65-70.

Trying to add skiing to this is tricky. I have a pretty good plan laid out, which really helps. Otherwise, I know I wouldn't be doing nearly as much as I am -- it'd be easy to say that I just need an 8 miler for the day, but instead I see that I'm supposed to do 12 + strength so that I can just do 5 the next day plus a Vakava practice :). Trying to have variety of workouts and a good balance between running & skiing.
It's good to have a plan, it keeps me focused. My legs are constantly tired, though, which probably isn't a good thing. They're either tired from running when I'm skiing, or tired from skiing when I'm running. I think that'll get better as I get stronger from skiing.

This weekend Nate wanted to race, so I'm going to tag along. My long run was scheduled for tonight or Saturday, but I'll have to figure something different out. Guess some weeks will vary more than I'd like, hopefully I'm finding that right balance! Thank goodness for flexible/constantly changing training plans.

Weekly mileage: 60-65
Weekly hours of skiing: 4.5-5


Ellie and the Treadmill

So, last week I was running on the treadmill for my workout. It was late, very dark, and very cold. I don't like to run on the treadmill, but evenings like this call for it.

Ellie was hanging out in the room with me. I thought to myself, "Hmm, this whole running on the treadmill thing isn't very efficient. Now I'll have to take her out for a long walk afterwards... it's much easier to kill two birds with one stone!" That got me to thinking; could she run WITH me on the treadmill? :)

Of course, I had to try it. So, we started out walking, me holding on to her collar. I think she was a little confused (how do I pace myself against a moving floor??), but quickly caught on. We kept increasing the speed until we were going 10 minute/mile pace. She was doing great! I let go of her collar. At that moment, she either slowed to look around or stopped all together. Not a good idea on a treadmill. I looked behind me and she's lying on the carpet behind me. Oh no!!!!

I'm thinking to myself, wow... why do I try things like this? Honestly. But Ellie got up and began circling the treadmill as if saying, let me try again, mom! So, we did :) This time I got a leash, since it's really difficult to run while hanging on to someone's collar. We started out slow again, and worked up in speed. She ran an entire mile! We stopped, I gave her a big hug and a lot of "good girl!" praises, and I continued on with my workout.

Yesterday was another treadmill evening. It was my second workout of the day; Ellie and I had done 7 miles in the morning together already. Yeah, 2-a-days. Anyway, I'm minding my own business and all of a sudden Ellie starts circling the treadmill. First, she watches me for some time from the front. Then she sits near the back, as if contemplating jumping on :). Then she moves to the side and nudges her leash. Hahahaha! She's asking to run with me!! How funny :)

So, she got on and did 2 half mile sessions with me. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world for me (she tends to want to take up most of the belt room) & we go a little slower than would be ideal -- but it's great to have a companion. If she keeps wanting to do this with me I'm sure we'll work out the whole spacing thing. Plus, it's an nice way to make the time go by. She's either running with me, watching me, or asking to come on -- makes for constant entertainment! :)

I'll have to post a picture in the next few days!


New Addition to the Family!

We picked up Ellie, a 3.5 year old wire haired pointer, last Thursday evening. She was a friend's dog; when they heard we were considering getting a pet they asked if we'd be interested in her.

She's been wonderful. My new training partner! It's been an adventure :) The first day I had her I took her out for a run. The first 2.5 miles were a nightmare. She was SO excited to explore a new city; she charged full speed ahead & couldn't be stopped. At that point we stopped back at the house. I considered just dropping her off. No, I told myself... then she'd be winning. So as I slipped the gentle leader around her muzzle I told her that we'd run until she ran nice, however long that was. It took 9.1 miles :). She was only used to 4-5 a day, so I'm sure she was a little in shock :).

We're still working on the running thing. She does really well on the gentle leader, but on a regular leash she tends to pull (I have very high expectations for her/myself... I can't fight her every run when I'm in the heart of my training). We did another long run -- 11 miles, and she did pretty fine. I'm surprised, especially considering she's 10 pounds overweight. I didn't think she'd be able to go that far with me.

She'll get in shape and learn how to run with me in no time, I'm confident. I need someone to be with me every step of the way to that sub 2:50 this next year! (nate's thinking, thank goodness! I'm off the hook for some of it :)