Made it!

Wow, Wednesday's workout was a good one (and by good, I mean tough).

4x1 mile at tempo, 1 min rest (6:12, 6:11, 6:10, 6:09)
5 minute rest
3x1 mile at tempo (all at 6:07)

I survived! It wasn't as easy as last week's tempo run. Probably because it had a total of 12 more minutes at the pace? In general, I've just been a little tired this week. I really need to start sleeping more.

The rest of the week is easy miles until Sunday's epic long run. My first long run with tempo pace thrown in. Eek!!


Just 10.5 weeks to go?

Did I count that right?

WOW. That's pretty scary!

Last week went really well. I had a breakthrough tempo run on Tuesday and survived a 10k race on Saturday (my slowest ever, but who's keeping track? :). Sunday's long run was 18, and that went great. Legs were pretty sore afterwards -- I have a lot of strength to build before the marathon!

This week's plan is to hit around 62. I protested this a little -- (really, only 62?) only becuase I felt like last week was a good week & I was ready to start on some 70+ weeks. But, after the soreness after the "long" run & Jerry reminding me how hard Daniels' workouts for the week (Sunday's will be killer - lots of tempo built into a 18-20 mile run), I was quick to agree. Mileage doesn't matter as much as what you're able to put into those miles.

On another note, my college alumni CC meet is one month from today. I've always looked forward to these. This spring I missed it -- it was the week after I injured my hip. I was really bummed about it. I had been looking forward to trying to go for a stadium record (and PR).

I have a month to get ready. Last year I ran a 17:44 on the course, with the next runner (also an alum) about 30 seconds behind me. That same alum ran a 5k this weekend in 17:43. Granted, it was the Lumberjack 5k which is all downhill, but still!! It fired me up a little (or rather, had me hoping that I'm going to start to get faster soon) for the race! I at least want to be able to make it a "race" between the two of us!!! :)

P.S. Tonight's run is 11-13 miles long, with 7x1 mile at tempo pace (1 minute rest). I'm really not sure I can survive...



Gotta love those little breakthroughs. Last night was one of them.

Workout was 6x5 minutes at tempo (which by the VDOT recommendations, is 6:05 to 6:15). Because the last time I did it I was dying after just doing 3 or 4 reps, I thought I'd really die...

But it went GREAT!

First two in 6:15 pace (again, I was taking it slower to make sure I could finish... I was doubtful)
Next 2 in 6:09
Next in 6:06
Last in 6:01 (oops, got carried away for a minute until I looked at my watch and corrected myself)
1 minute jog between each

I felt totally in control and relaxed. Only working a little bit the last 2.

To give you an idea of the last few workouts:
6/22: 3x5 minutes by HR (193), pace was 6:20. Felt awful. I actually think my HR went up to close to 200 on the third one. Equal rest.
6/29: 4x5 minutes. Pace 6:11-6:14. HR 192-193. 3 minutes rest?

And today my legs have that "we did a longer quicker workout, but it wasn't too hard and we're recoverying quick" feeling. Wow - I've missed this feeling! Guess I didn't realized I hadn't felt this way yet until today.

YEAH for breakthroughs!


48-58 miles this week

Ha-zam! I'm just about over that minor re-injury. About time!

Because we were worried about my hip, we cut out all hard work last week. I managed 51.5 miles during the week, all easy. With each day the hip got stronger, so that's a great sign. I ended the week with a 16 miler -- my first "long" run! I can tell I haven't been running as much (and running is really the only time I'm outside) -- I'm pretty red from that long run :). Need to remember sunscreen!

Now, the build-up begins. I am SO greatful to be working with a coach. I probably would have jumped to 65+ if left to myself. Instead, Jerry sent me an outline with the range being between 48-58 with recommendations for each day. We decided together to try for the 58 if all the pain in the hip disappeared. That's still way lower than I'd like to be, but my main focus now is just continued weeks of mileage -- no more ups and downs due to injuries!

Another big help lately is Julie B. dropped off two logs over the weekend. I think I've mentioned her before -- she made it to the 2000 olympic trials. The logs are SUPER helpful to read through. They follow her through the build-up to Grandmas in 1999 (I think she had her first child the year before, so it's one of those "train to train" build ups) where she ran a high 2:50 to Chicago that same year where she ran a 2:43. It's just awesome to see the progression. Reminds me how much I need to focus on consistent weeks, increases in volume/intensity, doing all of the little things right! I'm excited to look through them in more detail to get more info out of them.

Plan for the week:
Monday: 5 miles recovery (Sunday was the long run)
Tuesday: Daniels workout (30 minutes total of 6:05-6:10 pace)
Wednesday: 10 ish
Thurs: off (although -- that's supposed to be Vakava day, so I'm contemplating switching around my days... not sure...
Fri: easy 5-7
Sat: race
Sun: 18

Excited to put in another week injury free!


thank goodness for chiropractors

2nd appointment this week. Thank goodness I have access to one for free at my work!!! I moved a lot this time. Earlier this week I hardly moved at all -- a sign that I was pretty stuck.

I feel a little bit better today than yesterday (and yesterday was a definite improvement over Tuesday), so that's a great sign. Now, just need to get stronger so I don't get out of place so easily!

Today's goal: to try to put in a longer run (10-13). Wish me luck! Hoping it goes well so I can get back on the Daniels' wagon!!


Do or die!

Ran another 8 miles today. I told myself it was a "do or die" night. Either it was going to feel better, and I can continue trying to build my mileage, or it wasn't and I was going to cut back completely until it was totally healed.

AND... it was better :) Still not normal, but about 1/2 of the sensation that I had yesterday.



Wish I knew

The sore spot by my SI joint has gone away, there's just a weird nerve sensation over the joint now. It's runable -- it doesn't get any worse, and it doesn't hurt at all. It just doesn't feel right.

So the question becomes: do I continue to run on it? I just sent a note to Jerry -- nice to have another person to run everything by.

The problem is that in order to "race" a fall marathon, I really need to start putting in miles now. Race day is in less than 3 months. So maybe this minor re-injury of the area means that I pack it up, rest a while longer to kick it in the butt, and then just look at this summer/fall/winter as a "train to train" sort of period. Run a fall marathon, but not look at it as much as an "all-out-race" sort of thing.

Other option is to continue to run easy miles on it (Jerry recommended trying this early in the week, 6-8 miles a day just to test it to see how it reacted), hope that this sensation is just the area healing after the re-injury. And see what happens. Could be bad, could be good. This option would still probably allow a pretty competitive marathon.

*Sigh* Hard to know. Injuries take too much brain power.


Minor Hiccup

Yesterday I went out with Nate for my first "trail run". There's a state forest about a mile from our home -- how amazing!

About a mile into the run, it started POURING. Huge drops. We enter the trail, and it was comical - the trail looked like it had been raining for weeks! Small rivers running down the downhills, and big pools of water on all of the flat sections. It was a lot of fun, dodging small ponds, rocks, etc. It made the time fly by. The terrain is a little hilly, but overall great - nice and soft! I thought to myself: this is perfect! I should try to get on softer surfaces like this once a week to keep away from all of the pounding.

We did a total of 7 miles. Afterwards, when I was stretching and doing a little strength session, I noticed that the left side of my SI joint was sore. What is this??? Nooo!!! Since this isn't the side I injured this spring, I'm not too worried. I think it's just that I tweaked something on the run. Perhaps the SI joint is pretty strong now, but couldn't handle all of the movement on the run.

So, going to rest up for the next 2-3 days to nip it in the butt. I hate this "I'm still fragile" stage of recovery. :(


18:45 at Red Wing's 4th of July 5k

A 24 second improvement over last week. Yeah! Still not quick, but guess I can't complain since I've only been back running for 4 weeks.

It was a lot harder than the last 5k -- my legs are a little dead. Last week was 30 miles with 2 days off. This week was 40, with just one day off. The legs could tell. They just didn't have that "fast 5k spring" they have before a good race. Despite that, the race went reasonably well. Can't complain with a 24 second improvement over last week. I was 3rd overall, and made a good impression with some male high school CC runners :). I don't think they liked being beat by a female.

Between warm up, race, and cool down, I ran a little over 12 miles. Longest run since coming back (previously was 9.5). Yeah!! Legs could tell that it was long, and that the last 2 miles were uphill (running in Red Wing will make you strong!).

Have to say it again... it's so good to be BACK. I'm so excited to be running hard again, and am so motivated to begin pounding out the mileage :).

More to come this next week on "the Plan". Coach J put me in contact with Julie (met her at the raced), who ran for Coach J in high school and went on to qualify for the trials in 2000. She's really familiar with the Jack Daniels plan, so she'll be able to help me decide on which plan to follow. Perfect timing - I think I'm to the point in my build up that I could map out a plan & actually be able to follow it. How exciting!


4 weeks back

Time goes by too quickly. Amazing. I'm nearly a month back into "training" (the first week of training being just 11 miles).

This is the first week that my running has felt easier. My tempo workout on Tuesday was slightly faster than last week, but felt a lot better. My lungs felt stronger and my legs felt like they knew what they were supposed to do.

This week will be 40 miles, with a 5k at the end of it (Sunday). It's a little race in town for the 4th of July, so that should be fun. I don't know if I'll see a lot of improvement from last week's 5k, but it'll be interesting to see!