My "Team"

I have had a ton of help to get me where I am. I can't even begin to thank these individuals and organizations for all of their support!


Coach: Jerry Schaubach. I found Jerry in 2010 after a friend gave me his phone number. His simple and straightforward plans have brought me to a level that I didn't think possible!

 I am so blessed to be coached by Jerry, I can't say enough about him!

Sports Psychologist: Dr. David Asp
If you haven't worked with a sports psychologist before, read my accounts and email Dr. Asp.  Seriously. []

Nutritionist: Donna Marlor and Rasa Troup
Both have helped in different ways to help me learn to fuel as best as possible - and to make that portion of training much simpler!

Training Partners: Craig, Jeff, Teresa, Marco and any other Northfield running company I can recruit!; Pat Foley; Gustavus and Carleton Women's XC Teams; Mesa; and last but not least my husband and life-long running buddy Nate!


I am very excited to work exclusively with UCAN's pre- and post-workout carbohydrate drink. If you've experienced energy or blood sugar issues or are a heavy carb-burner, check out my post here and consider giving their products a try! Use the code "UCANELITENP" for 15% (or more!) off your online order!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have &amp. Nutrition during training and racing has been a struggle of mine, so I'm very happy to share any tips and tricks I may have picked up along the way!

Mesa and I have run thousands of miles together with the help of Stunt Puppy's Stunt Runner. Absolutely in love! Use the code "MesaMiles15" to get 25% off your online order!

What socks come with a lifetime warranty anymore? One that is no-questions-asked? Yeah, that's pretty awesome, especially when you tend to be pretty tough on them. Thank you, Feetures!, for supporting me and keeping my feet dry and happy! And also for the fun color choices!!! :)

I am in love with the Jiva Bites service! Every week I get pre-prepped meals delivered to my door. Our family can still enjoy the act of cooking together, but the chaos of meal prep! I can't say enough about the service, please check them out!

I am in love with boom! nutrition's gels. I've tried almost every other gel brand out there, and after finding boom! will not go back. It's a perfect consistency (not too thick like GU and not too thin like PowerBar's gel), and is naturally flavored (think fruit puree instead of artificial flavors!). Gels are key for me late into a marathon.
I look forward to my muesli breakfast every morning! Truly, I am in love :). The ingredient list is nothing but wholesome, organic, and healthy ingredients. Plus, it's made right here in Minneapolis! What's more to love! They're now sold at Target - go check them out!

Best running store in the Twin Cities! Locations in St. Paul and Burnsville.Check them out! They're also really generous with discounts. Hard to beat expert service and a deal!

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